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Fly to the Sky and Key discuss dating rumors with their fellow group members

Looks like it might be time for fans to keep it in the world of fanfiction as Fly to the Sky andKey relayed their exhaustion at hearing rumors circulating about dating within their groups!

On MBC's 'Stargazing,’ Hwanhee and Brian again denied that they ever had a romantic relationship with each other, saying how they had to embrace each other carefully because of these rumors and they even heard that they were seen kissing!  Kang Ho Dong asked, “In a car?" to which Hwanhee exclaimed, "How did you know [about the rumor]?" causing a lot of laughs.  The two wholeheartedly denied any kissing claims. 

MC SHINee's Key asked, “How do you cope with those rumors?" to which Kang Ho Dong responded for even more amusement, "Are you having a hard time?

Key admitted to hearing these rumors every time he promoted, particularly with INFINITE'sWoohyun with whom he created his own duo group, Toheart.  When asked about the rumors, Key mentioned one specific one, “That in order to prevent it from going out that Woohyun and I are dating, the agency purposely released an album.”



When i tell them “The WGM is all pure acting, is all set.” is because it is a program for pre-teen girls that makes no sense. What is this now? JongKey TIME IN WGM.

Apparently Eunji (I think that was his name.) Was SHINee department. There were a little over the program. At one point Minho had to take a picture to both (Key and the girl.) As part of the program to what Jjong’s eyes smiled with certain intentions. (Jealousy? do not think so, surely “grace” to see a woman with Key haha.)

Then Jjong imitated WGM TaeMin’s part, in which he approaches the girl to look (TaeMin did pretty from afar JongHyun comparison, look at the following gifs.) But made ​​it to Key not girl. (JongKey moment.)

Key put a face something challenging and from what I gather to meet, something “embarrassed” look his eyes.

The girl laughed noticing the situation so close between the two boys, probably know, like all SHINee closest friends, the situation is in this couple.

Then, on the couch, JongHyun was constantly above KiBum. He touched his leg constantly and when he laughed his body approached the “playing” in an accomplice.

That in the scientific analysis of body behavior called “Marking territory.”

Although it is a simple program, it never hurts to make clear that it is, and who is really KiBum, of JongHyun.

Fact: TaeMin treats more like a couple with a Noona, however Key, treats her more like a friend.

TaeMin Gifs:

Sofá’s part:

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